winter wolf – –


I thought it would be fun to do a mini walk-through of how I went about doing my first “cosplay shoot”, if you can even call it that!

For a long time I’ve wanted to attempt doing a “female” dress up of Jon Snow.  I’ve always thought it would be fun to try and portray him femininely but still retain that strength and determination that he holds, sort of almost creating a whole new character in itself.  It’s not perfect and was made up of a lot of random stuff just laying around the house, but I had so much fun doing it!  It was also extremely terrifying – I’m not really sure why.  I’ve posted photos of myself online before, and I’ve posted my creations before, but I guess mixing the two created a whole new medium for me and it was super scary sharing that with the world!  Especially because I already see the faults I wish I could do better.  But I know if I listened to these doubts I’d never get anything done, so it was time to put it out there and try something new!


Process —

The original photos aren’t anything special.  Thankfully Photoshop makes everything better!  So long as your initial pictures have decent lighting, you can really put anything together with some filters and color adjustments.  This is how I approach cleaning up my art pieces as well.

From the original, I cropped, blurred to add depth, and adjusted the colors and levels in a phone app called Picsart to make it feel “snowy” and cold–

Then I added a texture overlay to add some character (it was just a free photo of a forest! also in Picsart).  From there I knew it needed a little more, so I brought it into Photoshop to play around with.  I ended up adding the “snow” as well as darkened the scars a tiny bit and darkened my eyes, and voila!

I hope this was insightful or helpful at all!  Honestly the most fun part was editing the photos LOL.  Would definitely love to try this again in the future though!  If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to ask, and if you have any suggestions for future dress ups I’d love to hear!

-Also here’s one last bonus photo I didn’t end up doing final editing on cuz I got too lazy to go through all the effort LOL